Canon Camera Connect App (Disconnect Issues Resolved)

Canon Connect App
Canon Connect App

The other day I was wondering, is there a way to upload pictures taken with my Canon 70D to Instagram.  After doing a little research, I found the Canon Camera Connect  App .  From what was read, this app seemed very promising.  I was able to easily connect my smart phone with my camera’s built in wifi.  These instructions can easily be found online.

After connecting the two I started to have some problems.  My connection between my smart phone and canon 70D kept dropping.  After about 45 minutes of trouble shooting I found the problem.  The phone I was using was a Kyocera Torque with Sprint phone service.  I discovered that the problem was with Sprint’s Connections Optimizer settings.  I was able to find the settings for this under Systems Settings —>Wireless & Networks——->Mobile Networks.  By disabling the settings the phone would not automatically find the best mobile network.

This fix may not work for every phone.  For whatever reason it seemed to work for my phone and camera.  I am now able to control my Canon 70D with my phone and view images that are on my camera using this app.  It allows me to save the images on my camera to my phone which makes it easy to upload to Instagram or any other social media website.

Just thought I would share what I have learned.  I hope this helps

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